A Very Simple Question

I am feeling under the weather but I have been reminded by a very special person that diligence is important with this project. That being said I will keep it short and to the point with more reflection to come within the next few days.

This decision is obviously not easy. I am not enjoying these first few weeks. Sex is on my mind more than usual and the need for release is constant. It is constantly toying at me and teasing me with the idea that I need to do this. But there is a very simple question that presented itself that I still have not been able to answer. This simple question has stopped me dead in my tracks to give up my goal, and has pushed me to become a better person and a better friend.

The question is very straight forward. Next time you are approached by someone that you are intimidated by their beauty and you are afraid you’ll say something dumb, next time you are so insecure that you feel you have to say something or you will miss your chance forever, next time you feel that you have to cum right here and now that you will explode and that you absolutely need to do it, ask yourself: Or what? What if you don’t ask the pretty girl out? What will happen? What will happen if the complete stranger you have never seen before walks away never to be seen again? Or what if you don’t try to have sex with her?

I’ll give an example as I know that was kind of confusing. Let’s say a pretty girl walks into the bar. All heads turn. Everyone is staring at her. She acts like she doesn’t notice but everyone knows she has been getting this kind of attention her entire adult life. You notice that as she sits down her purse falls off her chair. The guys around her are too busy staring at her to pay attention to something that might actually help her out. You approach and politely apologize for interrupting her conversation but noticed that her purse had fallen and didn’t want to touch her things without her permission. She says thank you and offers to buy you a drink. You sit and talk with her and after a brief period you both leave separately to never talk again.

Now there are a lot of different ways this could have gone, and you could have pursued, but what if you didn’t? What’s the worst that could happen? You might have been the best part of that girls night because you were nice and sweet and straightforward and you can go about your night however you intended on it. There is nothing that says you have to say a certain thing or have to pursue. The girl in the example has been getting fake attention her entire life, so why not give her real attention? Why not be different? Why not be better? Whats the worst that could happen if you choose to be more?

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