First Rant of Many

I went on a mild rant recently that I would like to share. Sex is not the only aspect of my life that I am trying to accomplish (phrasing influenced by NYE post). A few of my goals this year are as follows:
— Gain 25 lbs to reach a steady weight of 250 lbs
— Be able to touch my toes
— Become comfortable speaking Spanish in public
— And of course, no sex for a year

I want to do all of these things. I will accomplish all of these goals. The problem is there are things standing in my way for each of these. For example we will do an easy one: touching my toes. I have not been able to bend down and touch my toes since I was 8 years old. I went through a big growth spurt that year and since then it has been a mixture of tight hamstrings and lower back issues. With this goal set, there are things I need to do in order to accomplish this goal. First I need to eat right. It is much easier to reach your toes without a pudge getting in the way, and also I need to go to yoga.

Both of these sub-goals will help me accomplish my main goal. These sub-goals are daily things I can do to move forward, but they are also easier said then done. After a long day of work, I do not want to eat healthy or go to yoga. What I want to do is eat a steak quesadilla and watch Netflix. This alters the question that I ask myself because it becomes a hierarchy question of what I want more. Do I want to watch Netflix more than I want to go to yoga? Yes. Do I want to watch Netflix more than I want to touch my toes? No (I really want to be able to touch my toes). Ok, then get off your ass and go to yoga. Do I want a steak quesadilla more than I want a whole grain pasta and baked-skinless chicken? God, yes. Do I want a steak quesadilla more than I want to be a healthy 250 lbs? No. Then put it down and learn how to season chicken.

Do I want to ask the pretty girl who keeps smiling at me out to drinks more than I want to be sitting here alone? Yes. Do I want to ask out the pretty girl more than I want to see the man I become at the end of this project? No. I really want to see where this goes and what I can accomplish. This question hierarchy really does make it easier to say no to things that I want, because it forces me to recognize the difference in short-term wants over long-term wants. Or, to put it more plainly, I want something else more and I know that is what will make me happy, so that is what I am going to do.

My heart is set and I love myself more because of it.

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