Didn’t see that coming, but it makes perfect sense

Something weird happened that I wasn’t expecting. I have been posting in Instagram and Facebook about my goals and progress, and people have reached out to me to help them with their goals.

When someone asks me to help them workout I always agree because 98% of they never show up, and 1.5% of the time they show up once and I never see them again. Well, within 2 days if each other, two lovely girls asked me to help them start working out. They have both showed up everyday for the last 3 weeks and they are kicking my ass. Thank you 0.5%

I mean it, I’m exhausted. They have been showing up every single day, so every single day I have been pushing myself and trying to maintain their level of enthusiasm. I have not been allowed to slack off or decrease pace or anything. It is been incredible in every single way possible. The mental aspect of it is invigorating too. Instead of the internal monologue of I worked hard yesterday, so I can slow down today, or any other excuse is being extinguished. I can feel myself getting mentally tougher.

It is interesting how the universe lines itself when you try to focus on something. My workout schedule is very different than most people. In my line of work (bartending), most people would work out later on in the day. I like to work out at the earliest time possible. This is led me to be alone for most of my endeavors. I think the last time I had a workout buddy was in college and that was only sometimes, maybe once a week our schedules lined up.

But, it’s nice to have other people be inspired and look to you. As this process progresses, I hope that more people want to continue forward and more people get inspired to improve their lives. I have never considered myself a coach as I always thought that I would be the one learning and needed to be taught. It did not occur to me that there are other people who look at where I am at right now and wish they had that sense of dedication and passion.

The lesson that I essentially got from this process and hope to continue getting is that you never really know what other people are going through unless you make yourself vulnerable first. If you put yourself out there, there will be a long time where you feel alone and quiet. You feel like the entire world thinks that your ideals are crazy and goals are un-achievable.  But, you never know what might happen and who might be looking to you for leadership.

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