Mathematically Speaking, You Shouldn’t Exist

The fact that any of us exist at this exact point in time right now should be impossible. Both the Bible and science agree that we are made from dust; we are made from little itty bitty atoms that came from nothing that supposedly randomly combined in such a way that is so mathematically improbable that it has been proven that you should not exist. This was a lesson I learned in the metaphysic class my third year at Loyola University Chicago where we calculated the scientific mathematical equation for whether or not miracles exist. Based on the continuous relationship of an event happening at a chance of a million to one or basically that the chance of something happening is one in a million.

I’ll give you an example: the world is a gigantic place and somehow your parents wound up to be at the exact same place at the exact same time and a mindset where they wanted to interact. If you are somebody that has found a person that you are attracted to, you are more than likely to say something really stupid or not to hit it off or it doesn’t work out or they don’t call back or text back or yada yada yada, but your parents did this.

In fact, it is so common place that it is often overlooked but it’s also so incredibly rare that it must be for a reason. Think about it: all the places in the entire world that someone could be, and your parents just so happen to be at the exact same place at the exact same time. There just so happen to be perfectly aligned 20 something 30 something years ago. The fact that they were existed in the same time period is astounding let alone to be in the same grocery store or at the same bar.

It just so happens to be at the same place out of all the places in the world they could have met and just so happen that the egg and sperm out of all of the countless different strands are could have been created, you were created. Mathematically,it is impossible that you exist.

Sure maybe there’s 9 billion of us on this planet but the fact that all of us exist right now seems way too much of a divine intervention not to mean something. When we finished our math medical equation to figure out miracles, it turned out that within a year you have seven miracles. That means every person has at least seven miracles every year. It is impeccable that we still try to fight this urge but also that we try to fight God’s plan or the universe’s plan or however you want to describe it because the universe or God has already put so much effort into making sure that you exist at this time at your location and is trying to guide you so far through it and yet sometimes we try to fight it.

Sometimes we try to fight that urge sometimes we want to go left instead of right and we don’t know why sometimes you want to fight our gut or our heart, but do you understand how much effort has gone into setting things up for you and how much effort it was to set things up? Think about it: if you had spent all this time in effort to plan a birthday party a surprise birthday party and then suddenly the person you’re throwing the surprise for doesn’t want to go to the restaurant, wouldn’t you give a bunch of subtle hints and if the person still doesn’t take any of those hints wouldn’t you basically force them, but they still didn’t want to go what would you do? Would you put in more effort and or would you eventually give up and call the party off because they just don’t want to go?

I think that the universe calls off the party more than it wants to all because we are too stubborn to listen. We are too stubborn and afraid to let what has been destined for us happen because we get comfortable with our lives and comfortable with our souls and comfortable on a couches with our Netflix and we are too afraid to risk giving up a life that we hate just because we’re afraid of what might happen.

Take the chance and trust that you exist for a reason. A lot of time and effort has gone into you being exactly where you are. Appreciate it and do something with it.

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