Dating Show

I have been on a few dating shows since I moved to L.A. It is an easy way to make money and is a fun thing to do on your day of. Plus, you literally get paid to go on dates! What a country!

I want to post the questionnaire and answers. I answer these questions as if the year off is over for obvious reasons. I think you will get some insight from it and I also would appreciate any input. If you disagree or are confused by any of the answers please let me know so I can advance my dating show career. Alright, here we go:

How long have you been single: 2 years. The last relationship ended rough and I have since taken a year off from dating and sex. Coming back from that I am ready to love again and do it right this time.

Break down your typical day from the moment you wake up till you call it a night: Wake up at 6:30 am. Go to yoga then lift weights. After that I go to some type of MMA class, followed by a shower and meal prep. While eating, I typically will take an online Spanish lesson. Work starts at 11:30 am and can go until however late my bosses feel like. It ranges from accounting, inventory, sales, to picking up heavy things and moving them to a new location. it is literally all over the place, and leads to a very inconsistent schedule. This has led to constant issues in my dating life.

Describe your personality (the good and the bad):

I am a big guy with a big personality. I come from a huge family so I am loud make it bluntly aware of what I want. I am a hard worker and driven. I am ambitious and compassionate.

Growing up with three sisters makes me intuitive and more sensitive to how women feel, but it also makes me more short than I probably should be. For example, that cute little game where we decide where we are going to eat, yeah I don’t play that. If I ask where you want to eat and you say “I don’t care” then I am driving to what I want. That simple.

I respect hard working women and completely dismiss basic. Leave the uggs and caramel machiatto at home. I want a badass.

What makes you stand out? What do people remember most about you?:I am big and loud. I am 6’5″ and straightforward. I have been called out many times on telling people to there face exactly what they need to hear, even if it isn’t what they want to hear. I have a zero bullshit tolerance. Don’t waste my time. I am trying to build an empire and looking for a partner to do it with.

:What are your BEST and WORST assets or traits? Physical, material and social:

I am a hard worker. When I am dedicated to something, I am in 100%. My worst traits is that I am a hard worker. I work a lot and have a tendency to disappear from life because I have dove in head first. Physically I am tall dark and handsome but I come off as a frat-boy douche. I’ve heard it forever. The truth is that I say awkward things and sometimes my friends hit my “snooze” button whenever I have a snowball effect of awkward. I have ruined many a date by getting nervous and just ending talking. Like, no talking at all.

Some girls find it cute and genuine. Others hate it. Its a hard thing to deal with, but its just me.

Do you have any special skills or talents? Do you belong to any clubs or organizations?:
I have a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

What do you like to do on your spare time? How often do you go out?:I read and workout in my spare time. Yoga is definitely a trend and I have attempted surfing and fallen on my face many a time. I am also writing a book. I go out maybe once a week. I prefer to save my money for extravagant vacations.

Who are you in your group of friends?:
I am the doer. My friends actually have to filter themselves around me because any idea they have I automatically jump in and do. I have a tattoo of 2 sharks high-fiving to prove it.

Are you close with your family? Family background?: Yes. My parents were divorced when I was at a young age. my mother relied on me a lot for emotional support and I became her rock. My father is the hardest working man I know and I use him not only as a judgement of myself but all other men. My sisters all turn to me for support and help. I have been the household translator and negotiator since before puberty.

Do you drink or smoke? If yes, how often?: I drink maybe once a week. 3 to 4 glasses. I do not smoke, but I do not have a problem with people who do smoke weed. Cigarettes are just nasty.

What is something we would not know about you just by looking at you?:I try to be athletic. I really try my best. The whole coordination-thing is not my ally.

Do you have any children: No.

Do you want children: Yes.

Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind: No, I work too much.

Are you seeking for a long-term committed relationship, or just looking for a hook-up? Please explain:I am looking for a long term relationship. I went through a really bad breakup that caused me to take a year off from dating and sex. I am recently getting done with that and, in the words of Micheal Scott, I am ready to get hurt again.

How long did your last relationship last? Why did you break up?:3 years. She chose her daughter’s father.

What is your relationship history?:A long distance relationship in college with my first love. It lasted 2 years and after moving back we broke up after 3 months. Another long distance relationship that last 6 months. A relationship with my best friend that last 3 years and was true, real love.

Why do you think you are single?:I work too much. I work about 80 hours a week. It is a difficult schedule. When you care about something, you make time for it. I have always tried to be very flexible with my little free time, but some girls only like to get dinner on weekends. If I have to work Friday and Saturday then I am not seeing you for another week? Seems unfair.

Where have you been looking for love?: I have tried dating sites and they are the worst! The bar isn’t my scene. Now I have no idea. I have had so many bad experiences ( I would say I have been stood up about 60% of the time).

Do you date men, women or both?: Women

Tell us about the best and worst date you’ve ever been on:

Best: Sushi Dinner then comedy show followed by dancing. It was our first and only date. She ghosted me after but it was the best date I have ever had.

Worst date: Bumble date. Supposed to meet at a bar. When she shows up she is already hammered and tells me about how she just got out of a limo with some guy who was fingering her in the limo. Once the guy started fingering her friend too she decided it “wasn’t a right fit” and got out of the limo and Uber-ed to come see me. I was so shocked I just got up and left.

What are the primary qualities you seek in someone that you would want to have a relationship with? Please number them in order of importance (number 1 being most important).: 1) Hard worker 2) Mutual Respect 3) Sexy. I want someone who wants me to think she is sexy. 4) Straight-forward. I want the truth and not a sugar-coated version.

What’s your “deal-breaker” quality in a man/woman (based on your dating preference)?:If she is nice. This may sound weird but hear me out. Nice people are liars. They will tell you things are “fine” or that “they don’t care either way”, when secretly they do care and get hurt. They bottle up emotions and explode. It drives me crazy! It is also boring. Nice is boring and complacent. Know what you want and how to get it. Know how to go after what you want, and tell me when something is wrong. I care about you. I want to know when I upset you.

What is your favorite physical attribute on a man/woman (based on your dating preference)?: I love confidence in a woman. How a woman presents herself (posture, stance, shoulders back, chin high) is so attractive and so straightforward. It is irresistible to me.

What are you looking for in a partner?:Exactly that. I want a partner who is there to support and grow. It is like a Venn Diagram. We are 2 separate circles that are on our own paths. We intersect but still respect each other enough to give space and yet always support and care of one another. Also, I want someone I can hike with and workout with and explore the world with. I am an adventure fanatic and I want someone to face the world with.

Describe your current romantic life /sex life:Just came out of a year without sex or dating. My sex/romantic life is a deflated balloon.

What do you think is the key to a good relationship? Fun! That is the entire point of dating. If its just communication then you are a therapist. If it is just someone who builds you up then you are a life coach or business partner. If this is a real relationship we should be able to go to a Renaissance Fair and scream our guts out during a joust while cheers-ing our giant mugs of beer. I want someone I can be a dork with and will be a dork back.

What would be your ideal dream date?:Medevil Times. if we can’t have fun there, we should never talk again.

What age range are you looking for?:21-48, At 49 they will just complain how they are about to be 50. ugh no thanks.

Body Size/Type?: Slim/Athletic

What is your religious background? How important is religious belief when you look for a partner?:I am non-denominational Christian. I don’t get caught up in the details but I do go to Church about twice a month.

How would you feel about dating someone from other religions, races and cultures?:I prefer it. I don’t care much for blondes and I love the fiery passion of a Latina.

What personality traits are you most attracted to? (i.e. sense of humor, creativity, intellect, etc.):I love a hard working women. Someone who is career driven and passionate. I am big and dumb so I love a sassy, sarcastic girl who isn’t afraid to call me out on my shit.

What is your political point of view?:Can’t we all just get along and collectively pull heads out of asses.

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