Back from Bali

Alright so Bali was pretty bitchin’. I must admit that I was terrified to go. I was going on a 20-hour airplane ride away from anybody I could possibly know. There would be nobody around that I knew and I was going completely by myself. It was terrifying and exhilarating, and that’s exactly how I […]

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Fuck Baby Steps

What is this constant need to take breaks or to ease into things? You know something is bad for you and causing you damage, then stop. If you know something is good for you, then start. Why take things easy? Why not make the decision right now? When I quit having sex, do you think […]

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Dead Eyes

*This one might be a little TMI. Alright so for the sake of transparency, I broke down and watched porn. It has been over a month since stimulation has happened. I got drunk and I wanted to watch porn and holy shit did I miss it. The convenience, the availability, and the diversity is just […]

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Graceful as a Duck

I had a girl I was previously talking to hit me up. She needed help moving and offered me $50. I said yes knowing I wasn’t going to take her money. She is a hard-working mom and I have a soft spot for moms. The entire project took me 15 minutes. She just needed some […]

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First Rant of Many

I went on a mild rant recently that I would like to share. Sex is not the only aspect of my life that I am trying to accomplish (phrasing influenced by NYE post). A few of my goals this year are as follows: — Gain 25 lbs to reach a steady weight of 250 lbs […]

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Starting off, I know what a lot (OK, probably all) of you are thinking: Why would you do this to yourself? Well the answer is easy: I don’t like who I am. I am a jerk. I have been a jerk to women. I have been a jerk to myself. I want to make a […]

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